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Who are we ?

In a rapidly changing and globalizing world, it has been established with the aim of responding to the logistic requirements of companies operating under intense competition in the fastest and most practical way.

Nowadays, the concept of speed is replaced by clocks, even seconds. Under this intensity and competition, as a ST family, we are committed to providing boutique services to our customers on marine, air, land, rail and combined transportation in order to make them at least comfortable in their transportation and logistics activities and act as if they are in their own buildings.

International Operation

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We aim to serve you and our customers with ST assurance and quality not only in the borders of Turkey, but also in every port of the world with our WCA agency network. Your shipments and purchases that will be around the world are always transported safely, quickly and economically with our WCA network in the continent.

We are always in the safest, fastes tand most economic way with our WCA agency network in the Middle East, Europe, Russia, North Africa, South Africa, Europe, America, Far East regions / regions with air transport, sea road, railway and project transportation. We provide port services to the port or door-to-door.